is a tree that grows in Brooklyn. Some people call it the Tree of Heaven. No matter where its seed falls, it makes a tree which struggles to reach the sky.”

- Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, 1943
How we help
  • Service Design + Ideation

    There's nothing more exciting to us than helping you to conceive an innovative digital service from a blank slate. Or wiping that slate clean and starting fresh. Our structured design process is here to help you innovate, respect your user needs, eliminate all the guesswork and provide clarity and confidence as your service evolves.
  • Service + UX Reviews

    Your service is already out there, living its life. People are coming over but you're not happy with the overall performance. The conversion rates are low, people sign up but don't come back... What is happening? Let us help you pin-point the weakest links. We will dive deeply, analyze your service from all the angles and identify the points for improvement, so you could move towards your full potential.
  • UX + UI Design

    Whether you are creating a new digital service or looking to enhance your current one, we can help you to create beautiful, highly functional and intuitive designs for your web or mobile experience. Check out our portfolio for our work examples.
  • Digital Communications

    Getting the word out about your brand online can be both challenging and fun. We can help you to identify the best ways to reach your audience and find the most creative and effective ways to bring them home. Pulling in the most suitable experts for your needs from our international network, we can also help you to implement your communication programs.
  • Meet the Team
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    Egle Karalyte


    Blending her interests in branding, design and technology with her innate entrepreneurial flair, Egle has successfully helped clients in New York, London, Paris, Santiago de Chile, Casablanca and Barcelona to create new digital services and take their brands one step forwards. She enjoys sharing her experiences through workshops which she has run at the Paris Telecom Tech incubator, Google Campus in London, and Technopark in Casablanca, Morocco.


    Aiste Martinaityte


    Aiste specializes in UI and graphic design. Her palette of skills and interests is broad: colours, typography, composition, design concepts and layouts. Not to mention her very personal style, much appreciated, and her strong commitment to her clients’ needs and expectations. She is originally from Lithuania and has a Bachelor´s degree in Communication and Information at Vilnius University.


    Pedro Heitor


    Already knowledgeable about computer languages at the age of 16, Pedro continues to perfect his skills at front-end development (CSS, JQuery, XHTML) and open source content management systems (Joomla, WordPress). A quick learner and always eager to explore new avenues and find innovative solutions, Pedro strives to keep things clean, simple and functional in every project he is entrusted with.


    François Dauteuil


    Canadian-born Francois has a background in film and television as a director and screenwriter. He is notably skilled at weaving and adapting stories which revolve around people, brands and products. His clients include United International Pictures, France Télévision, Studio Canal Images, Radio-Canada, Hachette and the OECD. François is a member of SACEM and SACD.

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