Where do good ideas come from? StevenJohnson

Steven Johnson argues that good ideas don’t just drop from the sky. An idea is a network of other ideas that one has gathered, shaped and picked up from one’s experience. So when a moment of clarity comes (which we

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Italian Modernism Mood:  Italian Modernism
Mood: Italian Modernism

Modernism came about at the beginning of the 20th Century through wanting to break away from tradition – from traditional styles, beliefs and ideals. It was the time of ‘… out with the old and in with the new…’, a

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Mood: Feminine (variation 1) Mood: Feminine
Mood: Feminine

Exploring the femininity through visuals… One of the interpretations. A few others to come soon

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Modern minimalistic Mood: Modern minimalistic
Mood: Modern minimalistic


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Rustic Mood: Rustic
Mood: Rustic

  Image sources:

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