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Digital Trends in

Travel & Tourism

Trend briefing report

Exploring how travel brands standout and engage travellers through web and mobile design. Last updated: January 2015

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In 2013 the travel & tourism industry contributed $7 trillion to the world GDP. That’s 9.5% of the world GDP coming from travel & tourism. While the entire global economy was expected to grow by 2.5% in 2014, the travel & tourism industry alone was set to grow by 3.6%, thus outpacing the global economy. And this growth is forecast to continue over the next 10 years.

This growth, combined with research showing that consumers have an average of 2.9 digital devices, means that travel & tourism brands have to make web and mobile platforms a key part of their strategy, in order to stand out in the eyes of consumers. Simply having the best price or investing heavily in marketing campaigns will no longer be sufficient to make brands successful.

That is why we have put together this report which examines the changing needs of today's travellers, as well as the web and mobile trends that are shaping the travel & tourism industry.

With this information and insights in hand, we believe you’ll be better prepared to create digital experiences that travellers will find valuable and indispensable.

What will be covered?


  • 1. 6 Trends that Define our Society
  • 2. Innovative Uses of Web & Mobile in Travel
  • 3. Positioning Trends of Travel Brands Online
  • 4. Web & Mobile Design Trends in Travel
  • 5. 150+ Examples of Innovative Travel Websites & Mobile Apps for Inspiration

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  • Our website allows people to search for the best travel experience for their holidays. We strive to be on top with the digital trends and provide the best experience for our users. This means we need to always look for new ideas and innovate. This report helped us to get a deep dive into the industry, get new ideas and save lots of time. Highly recommended." - Michael, VP of Marketing, I-Experiences
  • As a design strategist, my job involves doing a lot of research and being up to date with what is happening in our clients' industries so we could advise our clients on how to design the most engaging experiences for their users. Since we have a few clients in the travel industry, this report gave us a lot of new ideas which we will surely integrate into our client proposals." - Juliet, Design Strategist at Kidra
  • Lots of inspiration, deep insights and a great overview of the most interesting travel experiences these days! " - Jerome, Owner of South American Journeys
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