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Mobile UX Trends

Trend Briefing
held in English or French
Mobile Devices
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This trend briefing provides insights on what users expect from a mobile experience, as well as a look at innovative design patterns. This will allow you to build engaging and relevant mobile experiences for your audience, ultimately making your app indispensable in their lives.

During this trend briefing we will examine various design patterns and look at examples of how they are evolving in different apps (on iOS and Android platforms). This will give you new ideas and inspiration for how to better engage your own users on mobile, thus improving your conversion and retention rates.

What will be covered?

  • 1. What do users expect from a mobile experience?
  • 2. Mobile navigation trends
  • 3. Mobile layout and content display trends
  • 4. Mobile onboarding trends
  • 5. Message handling trends
  • 6. Search and Search results trends
  • 7. Action menu implementation trends
  • 8. Prototyping and testing tools

Choose the modules

  • As a 2hr trend briefing presentation
  • Ideation for improving the UX of your mobile service

Exercises to choose from

  • visualizing your customer (creating personas)
  • defining the key user tasks for your app
  • prioritizing your features: need-to-have vs. nice-to-have

Who is it for?

Anyone who is part of the product development and product vision process such as entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, developers and product marketing managers.

Who teaches it?


Egle Karalyte

Founder & Strategist

Egle founded InfinVision in 2008 with a mission to help clients reach their full potential via the web while providing engaging digital experiences for their audiences. Blending her interests in design, technology and brand experience, Egle has helped clients in New York, London, Paris, and recently Santiago de Chile.



You are saying...

  • The workshop was both informative and enjoyable. The screen captures and your explanations were helpful. I came away feeling much clearer about the choices I have been considering, what could be worthwhile and what seems a waste of time." - Karen
  • Thank you very much for a quality seminar, and for your warm welcome. I very much appreciated the "integrated approach" you insisted on during the workshop, which is a very attractive way to start and enrich the dialogue with our own ecosystem. I truly appreciated the ROI approach and the overall teaching, and I will let you know how it goes as soon as I get started." - Shafika
  • It was a pleasure to attend your workshop today. Everyone in the group was really friendly. Thanking you again for the pleasant and valuable time spent together." - Guillaume

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