InfinVision is looking for a Digital Project/UX Manager in Casablanca, Morocco

Do you love digital? Do you enjoy the creative process of bringing the project together from scratch? Do you understand the language of the designer and the developer? Can you be a good liaison person between the design team and

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Where do good ideas come from?

Steven Johnson argues that good ideas don’t just drop from the sky. An idea is a network of other ideas that one has gathered, shaped and picked up from one’s experience. So when a moment of clarity comes (which we

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New Report: Digital Trends in Travel And Tourism

As a commodity, travel is remarkable in its ability to make a life-long impact on us. Sure, a new pair of shoes or a scoop of ice cream from our local gelateria can temporarily soothe and uplift us. But travel

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6 Questions Every Homepage Should Answer

This article has been published on CreativeBloq on October 13th, 2014. However visitors arrive on your website, and whatever page they land on, they’re usually going to make their way to the homepage to find out what it’s all about.

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JCPenney’s inclusive brand experience JCPenney Brand Experience Window Display
Image Source: Irish Independent

  I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a report about retailer JCPenney taking another step forward in its brand experience by creating a window display that breaks traditional habits of the retail world. The display, which can be seen at Penney’s

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