Miwa Matreyek

Amazing work by the California-based multimedia artist Miwa Matreyek. A perfect example of how art can take another dimension when merged with technology in a sensitive and creative way.

These days, as technology is evolving (especially the touch-screens that facilitate immersive experiences) and as the artists are experimenting with it, one can find a lot of interesting technology-driven work in the artistic space… the kind of work which goes beyond being purely digital (as it was in the post 1960s and the early stages of the internet) … the kind of work which treats technology and the web-enabled devices as a canvas… a powerful canvas that touches all our senses and can take us to the new horizons… we all need that sometimes :}

Indeed, it is very interesting to see how the artists utilize technology and the web-enabled devices these days; adding poetic dimensions to it and giving us, the viewers, these glorious moments of wow…

So, going back… here is one example to enjoy!

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