Monday Jumpstart
Photo: Jump! by Mariasinmaas

Top o’ the morning to ya! It’s a new day and new week so I thought we could take a quick tour around the world and check out  some interesting, and inspirational, companies. Who knows, maybe they’ll help kickstart your creative energy.

North America Alberdo Gonzalez is changing the lives of dyslexics with his OpenDyslexic project, which provides open source font that makes reading easier for dyslexics. The font has been incorporated into Kobo readers as well as paperback books. Gonzalez also developed OpenWeb, a web browser that improves readability on iPad and iPhone for dyslexics.

London Artisanal fare is all the rage these days and you can add East London bakery, E5 Bakehouse, to the list of trendsetters. Not only do they make organic breads, but they stick to their down-to-earth vibe by using bycicles for deliveries. As a business, they also focus on transparency, offering cooking classes 3 times a week, in the bakery. Customers get to work in the facility in which the bread they just purchased was made and get a true glimpse into bread-making. Now that’s building customer loyalty.

Zambia and Malawi They say “where there is a will there’s a way”, and that is evident in the increasing popularity of bike ambulances over the past few years in parts of Africa. Companies like Zambikes and Sakaramenta are helping save lives and providing a tangible, low-tech solution to a very complex socio-economic and political problem.

San Diego My friends know I’m a travel junkie and they often ask for recommendations/suggestions on a particular destination. Sadly, I tend to forget a lot of details about where I ate or where I shopped while visiting a particular place. I came across Travelboxe, an app that is definitely for a wanderlust-er such as myself.  The app allows you to create a “boxe” for each place you’ve visited. In each boxe you throw in favorite hotel, restaurant, activities, tips, tricks, etc. You can share the boxe with your friends, you can check out other people’s boxes…yes, the whole thing smells a lot like Pinterest. Left to see if I could consistently use such an app though!

Have a good week!


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