“The frog who wanted to be as big as the ox” – interactive art book for iPAD

The frog who wanted to  be as big as the Ox

Last Monday I stopped by La Cantine for their Mobile Monday event on e-Learning. We have a few clients in this space (Befluentin and Quest for SPARK which website is coming soon) so I keep my radar on what is happening in this space.

Also, eLearning as a subject matter has so much room for creativity from the user experience design perspective… there is a lot of things to accomplish here…

The first two eLearning platforms presented were quite standard from their offering point of view. One of the presenters said that the Adobe Connect which they integrate into their platform for connecting students together is like the “Rolls Royce of Skype…” Hm.. sorry, guys, but from our experience Adobe Connect is as cumbersome and heavy-weight as any other web conferencing tool on the market (unless it has changed in the last 6 months). I have nothing against Adobe, but this solution of theirs is really not one of the lightest. For the real-time collaboration we’d recommend looking into Etherpad. It has been bought by Google a few years ago (no wonder) and now is available as an open source technology. It also has the chat feature. And for the screen-sharing, Skype is perfect and no downloads will be needed as most people already use this software. So you don’t need an additional Rolls Royce to overcomplicate the user experience J; antiques and the web technologies don’t match anyways…

The third presentation really caught everyone’s attention. Parisian Arnaud Cheyssial and Scott Pennor (co-founders of the Poésies Industrielles) presented their interactive art book for iPAD The frog who wanted to be as big as the ox. A project which artistically merges storytelling, illustrations, and creativity into aninteractive educational experience…

I think an application of such sort could work very well in a different context as well. For example, brands where storytelling is at the heart of their communications and which image has artistic dimensions (e.g. Hermés, Michel & Augustin) could use a similar mobile approach to connect with their audiences and engage them in creative ways.

Here is the video about this project …

Find the app on iTunes

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