The Patterns of Lisbon
The streets of Lisbon

Just the other day I was counting the number of times we have visited Portugal in the last two years since we discovered it. I couldn’t believe it… 5 times! Wow, this is the first country so often visited on my list… I often get restless as I am eager to explore something new but with Portugal it is different.

It is very close from Paris – just 2 hrs flight. It is very diverse in terms of landscape – the ocean is reachable easily, some beaches feel not yet touched by the modern civilization, people are very friendly, the weather is very pleasant too. Throughout the country there is this atmosphere of rustic old yet warm and nice. Also, some of my colleagues live there which makes the visiting of Portugal even more meaningful…

I especially love Lisbon – it is such an artistic city… During my last visit I could not resist taking some photos of the colorful tiles around the city. I especially like the influence of the Arabic patterns here and the diversity of the colors. Here are some of them – I hope you’ll enjoy them too.


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